Learn About Physiotherapy Equipment Used In Physical Therapy

A physical therapist, also known as physiotherapist, may give therapy manually as well as by using either mechanical or electrical equipment to aid in therapy and support the recovery process of his patients. The physiotherapy equipment works on reducing the pain surrounding healing and joints and muscles. Certain equipment also makes the patient comfortable during the visit to the physiotherapist.

While physiotherapy chair, couch, bed and table are some of the common physiotherapy equipment, a cushioned flat bench with head support that is also cushioned and adjustable sections ranging from two to seven in number, is also used. The purpose of these sections is that they are adjustable and the patient can lie down on the stomach or on the back, as required. It can also be folded into various degrees to serve as a chair or an exercise table. This equipment lets the physiotherapist make the patient comfortable during examination and diagnosis. The same equipment is also used during exercises that have to be performed by the patient and during massage therapy.

Weights to exercise hands and legs, exercise balls, and elastic bands are also a part of physiotherapy equipment. A large ball filled with air and attached to a small stool set on rollers with back support id used for exercises that require support. It enables to contain strain that would otherwise be felt on the spine and back.

Physiotherapy equipment, such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also called TENS is used to decrease acute and chronic pain. TENS provides short-term relief for pain without having to resort to medication, narcotics, or injections. This machine generates tiny electrical impulses that are sent to the nerves. These electrical pulses block the pain signals from reaching the brain. It is believed that they increase the quantity of endorphins generated by the brain. Portable models of this equipment are available in the form of handheld devices that are battery operated.

Equipment used to conduct ultrasound and electrotherapy is also important to the physiotherapist. A round handheld wand or probe is used in ultrasound. This device is connected to the patient's body by putting it on the skin with an ultrasound gel. This probe then transmits ultrasonic waves through the skin. This equipment is very useful in delivering medication below the skin, without involving injections. The same equipment can also be useful in generating tissue heat for pain alleviation and muscle relaxation as well as for tissue relaxation by producing a pulse without heat. Ultrasound wands can be attached with a large electronic device further connected to a cart for convenient handling.

The above are just some of the examples of physiotherapy equipment; Each physiotherapist may prefer different equipment and treatment method.

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